Thursday, February 28, 2008

When Bananas go bad...but end up Good!

My son is really starting talk now and it is really cute with some of the words he says. One word that I love is his word for banana...he just says Nana. So when we got to the supermarket for our weekly trip and he points and says Nana...I have to buy a bunch. The only thing is that we aren't really big banana eaters. He will eat one or two but after that he is done for the week. So I always end up having a few left over that just start to go but this time I remembered in time to make some banana bread!

A couple of months ago my husband was going to have a bake sale at work that he volunteered me to make my pumpkin bread recipe. So I went out and bought what I can only discribe as a mini loaf pan. I also went out and found extra large cupcake paper to line the pan with so I didn't have to worry about them sticking to the pan. Then Mike told me that I didn't have to bake because someone else already signed up for pumpkin bread and he didn't know what else to sign up for. So I have been waiting for the chance to bake something in my pan.

I usually make a Honey Banana bread recipe but the last time I made it I wasn't too happy with the taste. So this time I made the recipe Heidi gave me which is her husband's grandmother's recipe. I really only made half a recipe because I only had 3 bananas and the full recipe calls for 6 bananas. I also put sparkeling sugar on half the loaves and kept half plain.

I haven't tasted them yet but I remember them being really super yummy.

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