Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I Need My Coffee!!!

Oh my...who would think finding a new coffee pot would be so hard! Last Friday Jacob decided to grab the carafe and dropped it on the floor. We have a Braun coffee maker that you can't find in any store and can only replace the carafe from an online retailer. Which means we would have to wait at least a week before we get it...I need my coffee I can't wait a week for it.

So Friday and Saturday night we spent a lot of time looking for a replacement because this is going to keep happening to us. One time Mike just grabbed the carafe to wash it and it cracked. I think we are on our 5th replacement so it is time to replace the whole thing...so we thought.

There is nothing out there that we both liked and believe me we saw everything. I was so sick of looking that I was even thinking of just switching to tea...don't worry I came to my senses really quick on that one. Thankfully my in-laws had a spare carafe to our coffee maker which they are letting us borrow.

We decided to order coffee from an online retailer that gives away one of their coffee pots for free. So for a quarter of what it would have cost us to buy a new system we are getting 2 different 1/2 lb packages of coffee, a free stainless steel coffee maker, a travel mug and a thermal carafe. I figure if this coffee maker doesn't work out maybe there will be something else on the market that we might like...if nothing else I get some coffee out of the deal.

While I am talking about drinking coffee here is a recipe I might try the next time I have people over for brunch.

Thai Coffee
2 tablespoons ground coffee beans
1/4 teaspoon ground cardamom
2 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk

Place coffee and cardamom in the filter of your coffee machine. Place enough water to make 2 cups of coffee in the machine. Turn on the coffee machine.

Pour brewed coffee into 2 coffee cups, and stir 1 tablespoon sweetened condensed milk into each cup. Serve.

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