Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away...

Well today started out interesting when I went out to help Mike shovel the driveway. It was getting late and I knew he needed to get to work and was wondering what was taking him so long. I quickly found out that that bottom of our driveway was flooding. It happens when we get a lot of rain and usually not a big deal but since there was so much snow/ice on the edge of the driveway the water really had no where to go. We did as much as we could and just had to let it be because we really weren't getting any where.

I looked out the window an hour later to see that the water was getting a little too close to the house. So I put Jacob in his room and headed outside to see if I could do luck but the good thing was it was at the point where it wasn't getting any deeper.

I was feeling a little worried so I decided to take my mind off it with baking Chocolate Chip Cookies. Then I remembered that Mike gave up sweets for Lent and couldn't eat them. So I just baked a few and froze the uncooked dough for after Lent. I hope I forget about them because now it is too easy to have fresh baked cookies when ever I want them.

During the past holiday season I bought a bigger cookie scoop then the one I love. I got a plastic on from Wilton that was cheaper in price then the metal one I have. Well I am going to back to Bed Bath and Beyond and get the bigger metal cookie scoop. I found that it worked better then the plastic on and to me that is worth the money. The picture above is my test to see which size cookie I wanted to make...I went for the bigger one...which is nice a chewy. The smaller one came out flat.

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