Monday, February 25, 2008

Dutch Windmill Cookies

I was at Mrs. Pennings on Sunday and she made me some tea ( coffee for her and Kevin ) and she served us these Dutch Windmill Cookies. They are awesome!! They taste like a gingerbread cookie. I tried to read the box, but it was in Dutch =). Kevin said he grew up on these cookies and they were one of his favorites. They were perfect for dipping in a nice hot cup of tea. I'd love to find a recipe for cookies like these. I'll have to do some serching and see what I can find. If anyone out there has one and wouldnt mind passing it along, I'd be grateful. I've had other really good Dutch treats over of these days I'll ask Mrs. Pennings how to make some of them. I know Kevin loves them, and he's not a hugh sweets fan. I've noticed the Dutch treats arent too sweet.

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