Thursday, July 9, 2009

Recipes on My Refrigerator

For some time now my printer has been out of ink/toner and I have been writing recipes down on paper. I started to use the note pads you can get at the dollar store for this...I also use them for shopping list. I usually would write down the recipe make it and then just stick it on my refrigerator for later use or just to keep out of the way. Well one day I looked at my refrigerator and realized that they were every where. Here is a picture of just one little part of it but it was like this on all side (well except the back).

I also noticed that at first I didn't write the recipe name on the top of the paper. I think I did this mostly because I just thought let me write the recipe down to make now. I find it easier and cleaner (for my computer) if I have a hard copy to look at while I am cooking. I also usually save a link on my computer to the recipe if it is a keeper for future use. Usually when I want to make it I search the refrigerator for that paper again. I now write the recipe names on the top to make this a little bit easier instead of giving up so fast and writing it down again.

So the other day i decided to take them all off the frig and organize them a little bit. There are some that are just not worth keeping around because I won't make again. I am also thinking of just typing them up and putting them into a little cookbook for myself. I have so many recipes I use a lot that would make my life so much more pleasant if they were all in one spot.

The huge pile of my recipes
My pile on the left are the keepers.
New storage area for my recipes.

Until I have the time to sit down and type all these recipes up I am going to keep them next to my toaster oven. The other reason for this is my 3 year old has been stealing them off the refrigerator and trying to color on them. Not that the extra little color would be a problem

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