Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kath's May Recipe- Kabobs on the grill

Not sure if this counts as the May recipe, but theres beef in it too :). I wanted to bbq for Kevin the other night, and not just burgers so I thought I'd try to make some kabobs. I had plenty of chicken at home, so I stopped at the store and bought some cubed beef figuring a mixture of both would be good. They were pretty basic kabobs, I started off by marinating the chicken in some Kraft roasted red pepper w/ parmesean italian dressing and marinating the beef in some italian ( didnt have enough of one to marinate both the chicken and the beef ). I think because the chicken pieces were thinner then the beef, the chicken took the marinate much better. The chicken melted in your mouth..mmmm...I also added one green peper, one onion, some brocolli to each skew. I have to say, they turned out great. I had to buy some skews to use on my baby weber grill and found the cutest set in CVS by me. It came with 6 metal skews and a metal holder you put them on ( so they dont sit on your grill ). Kevin loved them, I had no leftovers!!

I'd definally make these again. I think the beef didnt have enough marinate to soak in the flavor so next time I'll make sure I have enough dressing. This meal was very quick to prepare and fun to cook on my grill.

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