Sunday, December 23, 2007

Part 2 of my Daring Bakers December Challenge

Thank you to our founders of the Daring Bakers Ivonne and Lisa for picking this month's recipe. After reading my post and you are interested in making this dessert please visit Ivonne's blog for the complete recipe.

When I found out that this month's challenge was going to be making a Yule Log I was excited. It is one of those things that you always want to make but never really get around to it because there are already so many desserts at the Christmas table. Well who cares can never have to many desserts!

I started to make the Meringue mushrooms on Saturday so I am not doing everything in one day. This is another thing that I have always wanted to make and just never really had the reason to do it. I felt that this was an easy recipe to make and follow...I actually had fun making these and feel with a little practise I can make really great looking mushrooms. Some of my stems fell over and I don't know if I made them thick enough. The one good thing about that is nature doesn't make every one exactly the same and neither did I. (see my post Part 1 of my Daring Bakers December Challenge for pictures of the finished mushrooms)

On Sunday I made the cake and buttercream which also went really well and it helped that I had my in-laws over to watch Jacob. I was worried about the buttercream part with all the horror stories I was reading on the DB website. We were allowed to make the cake any flavor we wanted too and my husband suggested Chocolate which who can say no to that!! I kept the buttercream flavor as coffee because I just felt it was easier to do that. The only little problem I hit was when I went to roll my log break with every roll I did. Good thing is that it will be covered in more buttercream and no one will know it happened.

My review: I haven't tasted the Yule Log yet because we are serving it for dessert on Christmas Eve...I have tasted the butter cream and mushrooms which both taste YUMMY! I didn't think that any part was hard to make but I was just a little nervous about making them. Buttercream can be problematic and my jellyroll technique needs some practise but all in all it wasn't a bad experience. I don't know if i would make it all again but it isn't on the NEVER AGAIN list. I might make the mushrooms again soon because those came out just too cute and I might try to put faces on

I wrote up my post too soon because I did the dumbest thing...well sort of. I read the directions on how to put the log together and thought I had everything correct. I saw that it said to put in the frig after you roll it for several hours...I didn't see anything mentioned about the remaining buttercream. So I put that in a container and into the frig as well. The experience buttercream people are probably shaking their heads but as a beginner I didn't know any better. It was hard as a rock and I didn't know what to do so I panic. I thought it I beat it in the mixer again it would soften it curdled...but I knew what to do thanks to the DB website again. I put it over simmering water and whipped it back to life.


Lewis said...

Oh my goodness!! I did the exact same thing with my buttercream! I didn't reheat it though I just whipped it up for a little while and it came out ok. Of course if I could do it again I wouldn't put it in the frig at all :)

Beth G. said...

your mushrooms look great!!Nice Job :O)

Julius said...

That bûche de Noël looks scrumptious!

Happy Holidays.

Julius from Occasional Baker

Lunch Buckets said...

I loved the mushrooms and frosting too! If I make it again I'm just going to make a log shape out of solid buttercream and stick all 48 mushrooms in the top. And eat it with a spoon in my closet.

Peabody said...

Even with practice the rolling of the jelly roll can be a pain. Looks like you did a lovely job. Hope your family enjoys it. Merry Christmas.

Lis said...

Wonderful!! Your cake looks so good! And I'm loving your lil mushrooms.. too cute!

Another fabulous challenge, Michelle!


michelle said...

Looks wonderful!!

Annemarie said...

Well done with even tackling the log-I had too many things on this month so didn't even try it but I'm just a bit jealous now. :) Looks splendid!

Cheryl said...

Great job. I just love the way your mushrooms came out.

Dolores said...

Gorgeous. And I'm glad you were able to salvage the buttercream.

Merry Christmas, and best wishes for a happy healthy new year!

Tartelette said...

Not shaking my head at the buttercream but shaking my head with a big "yum!" looking at your log...Beautiful! Congrats on your success and I hope that everybody enjoyed it.

Deborah said...

Your mushrooms look great! Wonderful job on this challenge!

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Very nice! Well done!



Jen Yu said...

Yule log looks awesome. You'd have never known about the buttercream... Great job on the save :) Congrats!!

jen at use real butter

Quellia said...

I found that the buttercream that I had from the fridge eventually softened up on it's own on the counter as well, if you had the time to let it sit.
Nice job DB!


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