Sunday, December 23, 2007

Holiday Candy!

As everyone knows I love to make candy. So, every year I make a platter of candy to bring to my in-laws for Christmas. I think it's become a tradition and if I don't show up with it, they would probably tell me to go home. This year I made my usual cherry cordials (not pictured), Santa Cookies, and butter crunch (pictured left of the Santa Cookies). I also decided to bring back the peppermint bark and to try a new candy this year, peppermint patties (picture right of the Santa cookies).

I found the recipe for the Peppermint Patties on the Eagle Brand website and when I read it seemed very easy to make. My review of the recipe is that they were as easy to make as they seemed. But I was a little frustrated with them. They stuck to the wax paper when it came time to flip them. But I found if you flipped them onto another piece of wax paper and then let them "hang" there for a few minutes it was easier to peel them off. Also, when it came time to dip them into the chocolate they seemed to melt and you could not get them off the fork. So I ended up just brushing the tops and the bottoms with the chocolate instead. Next time I might just freeze them for a while and then try dipping them. Over all they were worth the time to make them. I think they came out pretty tasty.

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Kath said...

Your Santa cookies are adorable. I should try those next year.


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