Friday, December 28, 2007

My Favorite Cookies!!

Ever since I can remember these cookies have been apart of my life. They are my all time favorite cookie (and will always be) that my grandmother used to bake for the holidays. One weekend when Heidi and I were young she taught us how to make them. It has been some time now since my grandmother passed away but her "sugar cookie" recipe lives on. The reason why I put sugar cookie in quotes is because they aren't really your traditional sugar cookie...that is the name Heidi and I call them. They are an almond crescent cookie that is covered in a sugar/vanilla sugar coating.

I just finished making a batch of them and decided to post about it...they usually don't last long enough to take a picture. This batch is being packed up and "shipped" down to Delaware for Mike's grandparents...via my in-laws who are driving down tomorrow. They love them as much as I do and I think they would be VERY upset if they didn't get any this year. One year this was all Mike's grandfather ate while he was recovering from surgery...they are just that good.

One thing that is difficult about them is that some of the ingredients can be hard to find. You need a cup of finely ground almonds and 2 packets of vanilla sugar. Usually I can find the vanilla sugar at the supermarket but not this year. Luckily there is a German deli near my house that actually carries the brand. Also this year I had to grind my own almonds using a cheese grater with the fine grating attachment. The food processor does not produce a fine "flour" which is why I found that the cheese grater works better.

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Jerry said...

These look great. My mom used to whip these up when we were kids. Hmmm - she really needs to start baking again! LOL


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