Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Egg Toast Sandwich

Well, I thought I'd put a new twist on that breakfast sandwich Michelle made a few weeks ago. I drove up to my sisters place in the Pocono's last saturday and we started talking about breakfast foods. I mentioned that egg sandwich Michelle made and she told me about another one that my Mom and her use to make at least once every weekend. Its very simalar to Michelles, exept this is made with that yummy english muffin bread ( which is a bit thicker then regular bread ). You take a shot glass and make a hole in the bread, butter the ends on both sides, dont forget to spray some pam on your frying pan so it doesnt stick. Crack one egg into the hole in the bread and let it cook. I sprinkled some salt and peper on it, and flip when the one side is cooked. Kevin LOVED it. I had made him two slices and he came back and asked for another. I also added one slice of cheese and let that melt when the egg was cooked. This was extremely easy and quick to make. I'd do it again since Kevin loved it so much =)


Michelle said...

I was thinking about this and knew that there was another name for it but couldn't remember what.

In diner talk it is called:
Hatching It
An Egg in a Nest (fried egg nestled in toasted bread which has had a hole cut out of it.

Jenn said...

I've heard it called Frog in a Hole or Toad in a Hole!


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