Wednesday, April 16, 2008

One that was Scary and one that was Amazing!!

We started out on our weekend early Saturday to make sure we can get to Vermont in plenty of time. So on the way there we stopped at a "restaurant" for breakfast since we were really hungry. We went with a chain figuring that it was the safest bet and just stopped at the first one we saw. Oh my it was a really scary place and we left wondering if that was the smartest idea...we almost called our mom's to let them know if they don't hear from us in a while it was the breakfast we just ate. Thankfully we didn't get sick and survived that scary place.

The next morning before our class we wanted to make sure we had a really good breakfast. Also a breakfast at a place that didn't leave us wanting to run for the hills. We decided to head into the town of Hanover, NH which was minutes away from our hotel and KAF. Jenn suggested a place that she said serves breakfast all day long...Lou's Restaurant.
It was exactly what we had in mind for breakfast and it didn't disappoint us at all. It was actually very hard to decide on one thing. Jenn and I both had a special...the Garden Omelet with hash browns and a cruller (you got to pick between toast, english muffin, a homemade muffin or a cruller) . Jenn had the chocolate covered cruller but I decided on the cinnamon sugar cruller filled with jelly (which is the picture below).

Heidi was the adventurous one and decided to try their Cruller French Toast in honor of her husband who would have totally ordered that for breakfast. It was really yummy and everything you would expect...I keep thinking that it is totally worth blowing your diet. Lucky for us it is a little over 4 hours from where we live because other wise we would be in big trouble.

Review: Totally worth the long drive to get there just for the above breakfasts we all had. It was a great value for what we got on our plates and it was just SO YUMMY!

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Lina said...

mmmmm I love french toast!


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