Saturday, January 23, 2010

Need Your Help!

This coming week is Jacob's (my oldest son) 4th birthday. I need your help with a couple of things I need to make. One being cupcakes I want to bring into school for his class and the second being how to pull of my idea for the family gathering.

1) The only requirement for the cupcakes is that they have to be chocolate because as Heidi can tell you that is all he ask for when you ask him. My first idea was to make the ice cream cone cupcakes but my only problem is how to bring them into school without a total mess in a box. My next idea is to make chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and load the frosting with a ton of sprinkles (he LOVES sprinkles as much as he loves chocolate).

2) For the small family gathering this year we are going bowling! This is because Jacob loves to play Wii bowling and I figured it would be a nice thing to take him to a real bowling alley. My idea is to make a sort of fajita/taco bar for dinner afterward. I have a bunch of people who are trying to watch their weight and figured this gave you the best option to have a much or as little as you want. I am going to make chicken, shrimp, maybe ground taco turkey, green salad, cut up veggies, a black bean salad, salsa, guacamole, and get some I missing something. I just wonder how much of this I can do ahead of time...

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