Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baby Food!

Haha, so I totally different kind of food that we haven't posted about on the blog before. Drew, who I don't think I properly introduced on this website before (blogging has fallen down the priority list since becoming a mommy! :). My baby boy, Drew, was born on August 18th and is the absolute sunshine in my day (I didn't used to think it could get any brighter!).

He is now 4.5 months and started solids on his 4 month birthday (after we had our pediatrician appointment :). We have moved on from rice cereal (although he has that for breakfast every day after his bottle) and have started to try single veggies and fruits.

At first I really wanted to make my own baby foods I thought baby food would have too many additives. I am happy to say (at least per the packaging) that baby food is straight veggies or fruit with water or acidic acid and no additional unnecessary sugars, etc. At any rate, I still wanted to make my own baby food and had a box of sweet potatoes that I wanted to start with.
It really isn't all that difficult. I started my peeling and dicing the sweet potatoes. I then steamed them for 15-20 minutes over boiling water. Once soft, I put in the food processor and thinned with formula (you can also use some of the cooking water). Simple!

I think I made 2.5 lbs. of potatoes, so there was wayyyyy more than Drew would eat (at least in a sitting ;). So, I decided to freeze some. In this day and age, it is not typical to have ice cube trays anymore, which is the recommended way to freeze and then you store the cubes in a freezer bag. Recently I had read an article on KAF's website on freezing cookie dough. I thought this would be a great way to freeze Drew's sweet potatoes! They are perfect portions for him as well. I love this idea and thought I would share!

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