Sunday, March 1, 2009

Donuts and Wine

Back in January Mike and I went to St. Thomas for our anniversary. We stayed at the Ritz Carlton which was beautiful. The first night we were there we ate at their restaurant called Bleu Water. It was amazing. We couldn't decide what to eat so we opted for their 7 course chef's tasting menu, along with a wine pairing. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! The last course was dessert. I was excited to see what they would bring us. Then out came a plate with two donuts. I wouldn't lie and say I wasn't disappointed, cause I kind of was....but then I tasted the donut and took a sip of the Riesling they gave us.....OMG!! Who knew...donuts and wine would go so well together.

About a week after we got back Mike came home from work saying we were invited to a wine tasting party. All we had to do was bring a wine and cheese to go with it. Half joking I said to Mike we should bring that Riesling we had and donuts. Mike thought that was a great idea. So I emailed the Ritz to see if they would send me the recipe. They actually sent it me. The only problem was that the recipe was in metric. But I was able to borrow a scale from someone and it all worked out.

Ritz Carlton's Donuts

875g Flour (AP or Bread)
140g sugar
5g salt
17.5g yeast
450g milt (luke warm)
62.5g egg (1)
150g butter (soft, room temp.)

Mix the milk with the dry yeast & let sit for 2 minutes
Put all the ingredients together & knead with a hook attachment at 2nd speed for 3 min and then at 3rd speed for 3 minutes
Roll the dough at 4 mm thickness & cut with a cutter, leave for proofing in a warm place, loosely covered with plastic wrap until doubled.
Deep fry, dunk them in cinnamon sugar & serve hot.

My Review:
I tried another donut recipe before this one. All I have to say is this one turned out a lot better. Mike even said that it was pretty close to what we had in St. Thomas. Everyone loved them and they were a big hit. The recipe above is for a half portion. I actually ended up making around 35 donuts and froze the dough I had left over for another time. Enjoy!

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