Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It is So CUTE!!

A little while back I posted about our vegetable garden that we are growing with my neighbors. It is very exciting stuff to grow something from a tiny little seed. We even had a little scare of it all washing away after a really really heavy rain storm. Thankfully we built the mounds/hills and the plants weren't hurt. After the same storm I spotted two little bunnies eating around our garden. It was a good thing we put up the fence because otherwise I think they would have eaten our plants.

Yesterday I went out to check on the garden and see if everything was ok. We were getting a little concerned about our zucchini plants because a bunch of the blossoms were falling off. After a little Internet research I found out that it was the male blossoms that tend to just fall off after they pollinated the female blossoms...hmmmm. Then I found our first little zucchini growing under those giant leaves. I am happy that we will get at least one zucchini out of all this and hopefully I will be posting later this summer that I am totally sick of the green stuff.

The garden just after it was planted (sorry for the fuzzy picture)

Picture of the garden from a couple of days ago.

My two little bunny friends

The great flood of 2008

Our first Zucchini spotting.

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