Wednesday, May 2, 2007

So I tried my ethnic dish...

...and have to say that I am not very happy with it. I tried an Asian Yellowfin Tuna dish. First, the recipe calls for you to create a sea salt crust on the tuna. But this made the tuna wayyyyyyyyyy too salty! If you cut off the edges of the tuna, then it was rather tasty. I also found that the sauce, while good was not great. But maybe it's because I didn't have the exact ingredients (haha) - for example, I used lemon juice instead of lime juice and white vinegar in place of rice vinegar and powdered ginger and garlic in place of fresh ginger and garlic. Needless-to-say, the ethnic dish was a wipe out. I guess I'll have to try another one, so I can add a recipe to the ethnic dishes.

I once tried making Moroccan lamb kebabs with a yogurt sauce that I had seen on Dave Lieberman's Good Deal show. It's a different taste than I'm used to (Karen tried them too), but after you get used to it (and I think it is an acquired taste), I started to like them. I think I'll try something else though, but am happy to share that recipe if anyone is interested.


Michelle said...

So what do you think you are going to try next?

Jenn said...

The Hoisin-Lime Salmon was my second attempt of a more "ethnic" dish, although perhaps a bit cheating. It still tastes awesome!


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