Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bad Pepper Lemon Chicken :(

Yesterday I decided to try and make something new for dinner. Every once in a while we will buy one of the already made chickens from the supermarket. At the A&P near here they make a couple of different flavors but the one we like the best is the Lemon Pepper Chicken. So I decided to find a recipe that I can make with cutlets and see if it close. I found a few at and decided to try the one that uses actual lemons and not the lemon pepper spice (which I don't have and didn't want to buy).

OH MY GOD it was so bad!! The recipe was written for one serving so I just increased it to the number of cutlets that I had. I saw the amount of pepper it now called for and thought....hmmm that does seem to be a lot of pepper. So I only used about half of the pepper because 1/4 cup of ground pepper is WAY TO MUCH....and about half of 1/4 cup is still WAY TO MUCH! I couldn't even eat it and I tried because I didn't want to waste it. Mike who loves to cover his food in pepper couldn't even eat it and he thought it was a lot of pepper on it.

So if I decide to try and make this recipe again...only use a very small of pepper.

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