Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snow Day...What to Make?

It wasn't a total surprise that we are sort of snowed in today. We knew something was coming but did not expect this much snow. Plus what is makes matters worse is that it is very heavy and very wet yuck! Thank goodness for a neighbor down the street with a snow blower to do the stuff the plow likes to drop off at the top of our driveway. Which by this time is so dense and heavy that I would just call it a day and not go any where for a few days.

We lost a tree branch in our backyard and I am sure we are not the only ones. We even lost power last night for a little bit.

I am thinking of making something today since it is a snow day and it gives me something to do. Not sure yet what it is going to be but some yeast is probably going to be involved...check back tomorrow or in a couple of days to see if I was able to make it off the couch.

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