Monday, August 3, 2009

Cupcake Bakery

On Saturday the girls got together to go out for lunch before baby Babore comes to town. We all met at Jenn's and then headed out for lunch. We ate very yummy pizza but decided not to get an appetizers but save our room for dessert. We originally were going for ice cream (which we did get) but in the same shopping center was a cupcake bakery called Crumbs Bake Shop. Well I got excited because I read a ton of blogs about cupcakes and cupcake bakeries. I live in an area where it is hard to find one of them unless you make a trip into NYC (where you can find a lot of them).

We shared 3 of them:

The Baba Booey: Chocolate cake filled with peanut butter, topped with peanut butter and chocolate cream cheese frosting and rimmed with peanut butter chips.
Cookie Dough: Vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling covered in our signature vanilla cream cheese frosting mixed with real cookie dough (not raw) and topped with a chocolate chip cookie.
Margarita: Vanilla cupcake with a lime flavored cream cheese frosting and rimmed with sugar.
Review: I was not sure how to write this review but here it goes. I have to say the overall presentation of the cupcakes made it very hard to pick just one or in my case two to buy. I would have liked to see a menu with the descriptions of all the cupcakes. The person that helped us knew her stuff but I didn't want to ask her what was in every one. I like to try things that are different and not something I can make at home. Like the Margarita one was just a vanilla cupcake with a flavored tasted good but I just felt this was something I could do at home and maybe better (probably not but I could try). The groups favorite one was the Baba Booey because I mean who doesn't love chocolate and peanut butter together. Would I go back if I had the chance probably not but I can't wait to visit my next cupcake bakery to try out another one...

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