Sunday, August 9, 2009

Blueberry Picking and Cheese Farm...a perfect day!

After checking the weather report last week I realized that Saturday seemed like the only nice day of the weekend. I wanted to make sure we did something fun outside while the nice weather lasted. Heidi and Kath mentioned that they were going upstate this weekend to go blueberry picking. I have heard from a bunch of people that because of the rain this year the blueberries were ready for picking later then normal. That got me excited that I might not have missed it this year. I happen to live near a place where you can go blueberry picking (they also have strawberry, and pumpkin picking).

We had a really fun time picking with Jacob who just had a great time. We were lucky but a lot had been picked and they were a lot that weren't ripe yet. We managed to pick a total of 4 lbs...and probably ate at least a pound between us all. This morning I made for breakfast blueberry pancakes and I put a bunch aside to make a pie or muffins.

This farm also happens to be on the way to my favorite place I have found since we moved here...the cheese farm. My in-laws came with us who have never been to the cheese farm before. I took a few picture of the farm because it just looks so nice in the summer when everthing is in full bloom. Where they usually have a ton of goats was where a bunch of calves where instead. We also saw some turkeys there who were out of the pen.

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