Sunday, February 1, 2009

Jacob's Party

I can't believe that my son has just turned 3 years old...where did the time go? It seems just the other day he was born...So this weekend we had a big family party for him and I decided to make everything myself. For the most part I kept it simple but I had to make a really cool cake this time around.
I found the idea of the Racetrack cake on which has a lot of really great cake ideas in all different themes. My son is totally into cars and trucks so this one was a perfect choice to it looked simple enough.

The recipe I used to make the cake was from the cookbook The King Arthur Flour: Baker's Companion...I am totally in love with that book. I used their Devil's Food Cake recipe. Which you can actually get one their website as well: Devil's Food. For the frosting I made a Seven Minute Frosting recipe from the Joy of Cooking cookbook. Another thing my son is in love with lately is Marshmallows.

Review: I really thought that the cake came out great and everyone enjoyed it. My son loves chocolate cake and loves he was totally into it. The cake wasn't that sweet so it paired well with the frosting and you weren't in sugar shock after eating it. I just realized that this cake was basically the same cake I made him for his first birthday...devil's food with seven minute frosting...a tradition in the making I guess.

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