Thursday, January 31, 2008

Celebrations of life and death

I'd first and foremost like to wish Heidi and Mike a very Happy 1st Anniversary! If the first year flew by, Heidi, just wait for the next few to come!

Secondly, a special Happy Birthday to Jacob on his 2nd birthday! Wow, time does fly! (This is also the same birthday as Poppy (my dad's dad).)

Lastly I'd like to wish my Papa (mom's dad) peace for he passed away this past Sunday and was laid to rest today. He was a great man and will be greatly missed. I love you, Papa. (Thanks to my Baking Buddies for all their support and offer of help should anything have been needed.)

Oh, and just so I don't end on a sad note, today was Biz's birthday, so Happy Birthday, Bizzie! =)

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