Thursday, September 20, 2007

I Love Cookbooks

When I packed up my apartment a year ago to start our moving around process. I noticed that I have a good amount of cookbooks. Big mistake was putting them all in one box because it was SOOO heavy. I can't really say how many I have really used but I just love having them. The more pictures the better. I visited my mother-in-law who also loves cookbooks and just got a new one (The Chocolate Bible).

Here is a list of a few of my cookbooks:
How to Cook Everything
The Best Recipes
I am Just here for the Food
How to Cook without A Book
The Joy of Cooking
Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook
The Good Housekeeping Illustrated Book of Desserts

I know I have more than that but they are in a box in my basement. I would really love to display them in my kitchen BUT I have a toddler who would love nothing more then to spend hours pulling them down off a bookcase if I got one. Does anyone have a suggestion on where I could put them and how to keep my son from trying to play with them?


Jojo said...

I have a whole shelf-full and if I had the time would attempt every recipe in every book :) Obsessed? No...

Michelle said...

I totally know what you mean!

Kath said...

Can you hang a shelf high enough so Jacob cant reach it? That way you can display some of your cookbooks.

Michelle said...

I have a painting that is in the way. I think I might get a bookcase for our guest room and put the books in there.


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