Sunday, July 22, 2007

Not a Pretty Brownie but a very YUMMY one!

I made the brownie ice cream sandwich dessert for company on Saturday. Really isn't a recipe for it but more like directions on how to put it to put it together...which I didn't follow very well. I miss read the "recipe" and thought the Milky Ways were going to be put into the vanilla ice cream (they are actually suppose to be put into the brownie batter). So I decided instead of doing that I would just buy a flavored ice cream instead...I bought Caramel Delight. Everything was going well until I had to put the ice cream on the bottom brownie. The ice cream I got had a ripple of caramel in it which caused wouldn't soften so I ended up melting the ice cream more then I should have. I thought I got it on the brownie and hardened enough (I put it in the freeze for about 30 minutes) to put the top brownie on with no problems. I went to bed and woke up to a brownie ice cream avalanche cake. Ice cream much have flowed out of the sides due to the weight of the top brownie. It didn't look anything like the picture on the recipe but I figured it shouldn't matter...all that matters is how it taste. I didn't take a picture of the full cake but here is a picture of what is left over after my guest left...

Review: I would make this again because it is super easy but I have to get better at softening the ice cream. It tasted just like I wanted it too...nice brownie taste with yummy ice cream in the middle. Next time I think I would make one brownie box in a small cake pan (I used a 9" pan) and cut it in half. I would also not use an ice cream with a caramel ripple but mix candy in the softened ice cream. These mistakes was the user and not the I like to say User Error.

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Anonymous said...

It looks wonderful! You guys have a great blog here, and I love the idea of a new theme each month. I can't wait for "Appetizers"!


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