Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Engagement Brownie Time

About 7 years ago when Mike proposed to me...he made me brownies and wrote in frosting will you marry me. I told him that he was now obligated every year at the end of July to make me brownies. Well that happened maybe the first 3 years of marriage and now nothing....

So I am taking matters into my own hands and bringing back to life the brownie tradition. I think every year I will experiment with a new brownie recipe. I really want to make something more the just a plain brownie this year. Any ideas? Right now I found a million recipes on Very Best Baking's many to choose from.

Update: I think I found that recipe I want to make...Brownie Ice Cream Sandwich The parents are coming over Saturday for a little BBQ and I wanted to make something with ice cream because it is summer but I really wanted to make my brownies....perfect combination if you ask me!

1 comment:

Marye said...

That is a sweet tradition! And you cant miss with brownies and ice cream..sounds great!


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