Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Don't Have A Cow...ok maybe a little one!

Yesterday I went and did our weekly food shopping trip..I think went well for a couple of reason.

My son didn't act out like he has in the past. I used to avoid putting him one of those car shaped carts because I thought I would never get him out of it (I only had a problem once with that and that was the least of my problems). It has gotten to the point that he gets upset if he can't go in one of those carts. My husband and I have searched parking lots for them because the fear of a screaming child the whole time is enough for us to do that. He also ask for them even at stores that don't have those carts.

The other thing that went well was that I got a treat for half the price it would normally be on a regular day. I know this isn't probably new or something to really post about but it was very tasty. The product I am talking about is Skinny Cow Ice Cream...I got the vanilla cone with caramel sauce. It is low in fat and really compared to a regular ice cream cone much lower in calories. It really was just the right size to give you the satisfaction of having a little treat and not really making you want to go back for more. After all I might be putting on a bathing suit this summer...

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ChefSara said...

their ice cream sandwiches are pretty good too...being the chocoholic I am, I like the chocolate ones best. but even the swirl and vanilla ones are good. i'm a fan of skinny cow!


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