Saturday, October 11, 2008

KAF Challah

I think it was about a month ago that we had to order something from amazon. Of course I was in one of those situations where I only need $0.65 more to get the free super shipper savings. I really did try hard to find something cheap to get but nothing I wanted/needed qualified. So I decided that if I had to spend more money that I would get something I would enjoy. It wasn't hard for me to decide on getting a new cookbook and it was even easier for me to decide on what type of cookbook.

I am continuing or should I say expanding my love for King Arthur Flour. I bought the cookbook King Arthur Flour Baker's Companion which is an amazing cookbook. It has everything any baker begging or advanced would want to know how to make. I have been wanting to make something from it ever since I got it but time wasn't on my side.

Then I decided this past week was perfect time for me to break it out because of the Jewish Holiday Yom Kippur. The night before you are suppose to fast my mom has always made a very nice meal for the family. So I decided to do the same for my family this year and knew just the right thing to make from KAF...challah.

After the first rise and braided for the second rise

Fresh out of the oven

Review: I am in love with this bread and I really can't wait to make it again. It was so easy to make and the results were amazing. I do need to practise my braiding technique and try different kinds (the one above is a four strand braid). The only thing is you need to have time on your side because from beginning to end it takes about 4 hours or so depending on how fast your dough rises. I have eaten a lot of challah in my life time and this was one of the best (mostly because I made it). It wasn't really sweet like some you get from the store are which I liked. It was really good for breakfast toasted with a little butter and honey.

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