Saturday, May 22, 2010

I Picked Chocolate Cake...

It is no secret that I LOVE chocolate cake very much. Last week in Jacob's school they read the book A Very Hungry Caterpillar and so that was the theme for the week. The teachers asked the parents to volunteer and bring in one of the foods that the hungry caterpillar of course I picked the chocolate cake.

I know I was putting way to much thought into this because a 4 year old doesn't care what the cake looks have them at cake. I just wanted to put a little extra effort into this "project" and make it look similar to the one in the book. Lucky for me we actually own the book so I looked at the picture...

Picture from the book (I can't get it to rotate)
When I saw the picture I thought it was more complicated then I remembered it to be I thought it was more like a regular chocolate layer cake. This looked like something with moose and fudge and something fluffy...too much for little kids.

I knew simple was better for the kids and decided to make chocolate cake (KAF Devil's Food) with a 7 minute frosting on top. I bought chocolate sprinkles but didn't end up using them because I had to cut off some of the cake to put it into a disposable pan. I created the crumbs from that on top and them put a cherry on each slice...

I thought it came out great and even the teachers commented to me that it looks like the one from the book...Mission accomplished!

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