Monday, April 30, 2007

Let's Get Started

Who: Michelle, Heidi, Jenn, Karen and Kath (a.k.a The Baking Buddies)
What: Have adventures in Baking (and cooking)
When: At least once a month but sometimes more then that.
Where: In our own homes and every once in a while together
Why: To have a reason (not that we all need one) to bake/cook

Hello All,

My name is Michelle and I love to bake. My sister (Heidi) and I a few years ago started to create a cookbook together. We thought it would be fun to try out new recipes and if we liked them put them in a cookbook.
I think we were telling Karen about this and she suggested that all of us start one together. Us being who we all are got very excited about this and got organized really fast. We came up with a great system; each month would have a different theme. This way we don't end up with have a cookbook made up of a million chocolate or cheesecake recipes.

I have created this blog to keep track of our adventures in this really fun project.


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